Find That Bike

Hampshire Police Recommends The site sends emails to the registered person to advice of any bike available on Ebay or Gumtree which matches specifics entered by the user (e.g. If a persons bike was stolen they can put in the details of their bike and if one is found on Ebay or Gumtree matching those details, they will be informed.)

It also includes a section where you can check for bike serial numbers (for those thinking of buying to check if stolen) and another where you can report stolen bikes.

~Hampshire Police~

 Have Your Say

Please e-mail Hound Parish Council (David Nevin, Parish ClerkAngie Lush Senior Assistant Parish ClerkBridget Cook Assistant Parish Clerk Halls & Recreation Grounds) with any comments on current issues relating to the parish or click here for more options to contact us.

If these are appropriate to the Parish Council they will be considered by elected Members. Alternatively we will disseminate the information that you provide to the appropriate statutory body. 

For any council to be successful it is vital that it communicates with its local community. Please let us know your views as they are important to us.

Calling all Community Groups
Hound Parish Council has grant funding available to help in a number of ways to benefit the community as a whole. For more information please contact the Parish Office by phone, email or the website.